The Pros And Cons Of
Using A Forex Robot

pros and cons of robot trading

Forex robot is something you are likely to hear about a lot when you enter the forex trading market. For many people, this will probably bring to mind a human-looking steel contraption that walks, talks and conducts trades. Well, that is actually partially right. A FX robot is essentially an automated trading system and while it may not walk, talk or resemble a human being, it does conduct trades just like a professional trader.

You will find that while some traders are all praise for robots there are others who would absolutely not consider using them. Take a look at the pros and cons below to help you decide whether robot trading is for you.

Pros of Using a Robot

  • When you use a robot, it does your trades for you and even manages your account so you don’t actually have to do a thing. In theory, you do not even need to know anything at all about the forex market as the robot is capable of picking up short term trends and opportunities across all major currencies by itself.
  • A robot can go on trading endlessly whenever the markets are open. It never gets tired and never needs to refresh its thoughts. It’s almost impossible for any human being to keep up this schedule without a break.
  • A robot can manage multiple forex trading accounts simultaneously. This allows you to diversify your capital instead of risking it all on any one strategy.
  •  If you prefer manual trading over a forex robot, there is still a limit as to how much capital you can trade in a day. Splitting your capital with an automated trading system could help you increase your trading potential.
  • The robot bases all its decisions on real time statistics and trends. It is not hampered by human emotions that could wrongly influence the decisions you may make.

Cons Of Using A Robot For Forex Trading

The advantages sound fantastic and yet all traders do not rely on robots. Why is that? Let’s look at some of the cons:

  • Robots can be very expensive.
  • You will need to keep your computer running and connected to the internet through the day and night leaving it vulnerable to virus attacks.
  • Some brokers do not trade with robots, which can limit your chances.
  • Configuring the robot to perform at peak efficiency is not easy and while tweaking it to work to the best of its abilities, you could inadvertently cause it to malfunction, which could be a really expensive mistake.
  • With all of its versatility, a robot can only work within the parameters that you have set. If an external force disrupts the trends, the robot cannot pick it up and it could end up making a bad trade.

Understand the pros and cons of using a robot for forex trading well before you invest such a large amount of money. Speak to me and tell me what your plans are and I’ll help you make the right decision. Please do visit our other pages below.

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